How to carry out your Assisted Reproduction treatment at IVFforYOU?

Set up your treatment

Sigue los siguientes pasos y haz realidad tu sueño

Through our website you will obtain detailed information on the Assisted Reproduction treatments that best suit your situation.

Once you decide on your treatment you can design your own budget by adding the complementary techniques you need. Don't worry, you will review it with a specialist on your first visit.

Segons el tractament que necessitis, et sol·licitarem les teves proves mèdiques bàsiques realitzades prèviament.

Assessment and orientation visit

Confirm your choice with a Medical Assistant

Once you have completed the previous steps, one of our Medical Assistants will arrange a first orientation appointment for you. He or she will help you review your treatment and your budget before the medical visit.

We will review any medical evidence you have and request any missing evidence.

Based on the documentation submitted, our medical team will evaluate the evidence received and the desired treatment.

Medical visit

Visit with a doctor specialising in Assisted Reproduction

At this first visit, the doctor will confirm your treatment plan and, if necessary, recommend complementary techniques to achieve the best results.

If you agree, once the costs have been confirmed, we can start. The doctor will prescribe medication according to your treatment: either to start your ovarian stimulation or to prepare your endometrium.

After payment we will send you the consents, prescriptions and instructions you will need during the process.

Undergoing treatment

Our team will accompany you throughout the process

We will do your ultrasound checks to see how your ovaries are responding to the medication. Two check-ups are usually enough.

The medical team will decide the best time to schedule the ovarian puncture to extract your eggs, to proceed with IVF or to perform the Artificial Insemination or embryo transfer.

We will do your pregnancy test after 10 or 14 days, depending on the treatment.