ROPA method (Shared Motherhood)

Shared Motherhood (ROPA is the abbreviation for “Reception of oocytes from the partner”) is increasingly popular among lesbian couples that want to become mothers and participate, either in the fertilisation or in the gestation of their future child. Both women take actively part in the pregnancy process and both are biological mothers: the first one as genetic mother by providing her eggs and the second one as gestating mother, carrying the pregnancy and giving birth.

The ROPA method consists in 4 phases: ovarian stimulation, oocyte recovery from the woman that provides the eggs, fertilisation in the laboratory with donor sperm and embryo transfer into the uterus of the woman acting as a recipient.

In Spain, donors are anonymous and at our clinic the physicians are the ones that look for the best match in each case. If you would like to carry out your IVF treatment with a known donor or a non-anonymous donor, we can guide you on how to perform the treatment in another country. (Ask us here)


– Orientation, scheduling and medical control of the cycle. Medical control of the cycles and synchronisation of both patients.
– Ovarian puncture.
– Operating theatre, mild sedation and outpatient clinic.
– Andrology and IVF laboratories.
– Embryo culture and study of the status of each embryo.
– Embryo transfer.
– Pregnancy test and follow-up until the first pregnancy ultrasound.

Not included

The cost of the medication is not included in the treatment.

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