Artificial insemination with donor sperm (AID)

Artificial insemination is a basic assisted reproduction technique. It consists of monitoring the woman’s ovulation and then introducing a sperm sample directly into the woman’s uterus using a delicate catheter.

Artificial insemination with donor sperm is recommended for women up to 38 years old whose male partner has severe sperm alteration or by certain genetic disorders. It is also indicated for women without partner or for lesbian couples.

In IVFforYOU we have sperm donors of all backgrounds and with all physical features to provide the right donor for each patient. You can choose between standard or premium donors, depending on the level of information that your physician will have access to in order to select him. In both cases these are samples of the highest quality.

Donors are anonymous in Spain, but if you prefer a known donor or a non- anonymous one, we can guide you on how to perform the treatment in another country. Contact us.


– Orientation, scheduling and medical control of the cycle.
– Ovarian stimulation.
– Ultrasound scan controls.
– Donor selection.
– Sperm bank.
– Andrology laboratory services: preparation of the sperm sample for the insemination.
– Pregnancy test and follow-up until the first pregnancy ultrasound.

Not included

The cost of the medication is not included in the treatment.

Success rate
23,02% per cycle

Other options you may need

Add them also to your budget and calculate the total cost.


IVFforYOU is redesigning its Assisted Reproduction services to adapt even more to the needs of patients.

During this period, our partner clinic Institut Marquès will be taking care of our patients.

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