Conventional In-Vitro-Fertilisation (IVF)

In-Vitro-Fertilisation is a treatment of high technical complexity but simple and safe for the patients. It is the assisted reproduction technique that provides the best pregnancy rates.

It is a very effective treatment that consists of uniting in the laboratory each of the patient’s eggs with the spermatozoa of their partner or of a sperm donor to obtain embryos and finally perform the transfer of the best embryo into the future mother’s uterus.

The process consists of four simple steps: ovarian stimulation with medication for the eggs’ growth, ovarian puncture to recover the eggs, fertilisation and culture of the embryos and transfer into the woman’s uterus.

This treatment is indicated in multiple cases: low ovarian reserve, endometriosis, tubal obstruction or ligation, patients with infertility or sterility of unknown origin, couples with failures in artificial insemination or recurrent miscarriages, among many others.

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– Orientation, scheduling and medical control of the cycle.
– Ovarian puncture.
– Operating theatre, mild sedation and outpatient clinic.
– Andrology and IVF laboratories.
– Embryo culture and study of the status of each embryo.
– Embryo transfer.
– Pregnancy test and follow-up until the first pregnancy ultrasound.

Not included

The cost of the medication is not included in the treatment.

Success rate
72.1% per IVF cycle with own eggs

Including cycles with PGT and cycles with embryo accumulation

Complementary techniques for IVF cycles

Design the treatment tailored to your needs: 

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Don’t forget to include the donor sperm in your cost estimate according to your needs. In case you need to perform IVF with eggs from a donor, the treatment would be an IVF with Egg Donation.

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Add them also to your budget and calculate the total cost.

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