Babypod is a small speaker for intravaginal use. It allows you to share music and communicate with your baby. Scientific studies show that it stimulates the vocalization and communication of babies before they are born thanks to the low-frequency music that it emits. Babypod provides them with their first musical and learning experience.

Contrary to popular belief, fetuses do not hear music from outside the womb. The vagina is an enclosed space, so the sound is not dispersed into the environment: the layers of soft tissue separating the baby from the sound source prevent it from being transmitted. Placing a speaker in the vagina removes the barrier that constitutes the abdominal wall and the baby can hear the sounds almost as loud and clear as they are emitted. The device has a frequency limit so that the volume of the sound does not damage the hearing of the fetus.

Babypod is the only scientifically proven product of its kind.  It has been awarded by the Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It has been approved by the FDA.

For parents, it is also an unforgettable, exciting, and the first experience they will share with their baby. It’s a real show.

Give your baby a universal stimulus, send a message from before birth, and make sure it gets to him.

(The mobile is not included.)


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