Fertile Chip

What is the FERTILE Chip?

The Fertile chip is a device that allows the selection of spermatozoa with better motility and less DNA fragmentation. Thanks to Fertile® technology and its capacity to recover the best quality sperm, the chances of success of an In-Vitro-Fertilisation treatment increase.

The Fertile® Chip is especially indicated in cases of sperm DNA fragmentation, a pathology that can cause infertility, repeated failures in assisted reproduction techniques or repeated miscarriages.

What is sperm DNA fragmentation?

Sperm DNA fragmentation is the breakage or damage to the genetic material of the sperm. Damage to sperm DNA can be caused by a variety of factors, both intrinsic and external, including:

– Incorrect maturation

– Radiation or chemotherapy

– Exposure to high temperatures

The Fertile® chip makes it possible to remove damaged spermatozoa and keep only completely healthy sperm, thus increasing the probability of fertilisation.

How does the FERTILE® Chip technique for sperm selection work?

The FERTILE® chip is based on microfluidic technology to select the best quality spermatozoa from those with DNA fragmentation, which could affect the outcome of a cycle.

The device consists of 5 small cavities on the left where the semen sample is introduced, and 5 larger cavities on the right where the selected spermatozoa arrive. Between the cavities are microchannels that subject the spermatozoa to a selection process that eliminates those with fragmented DNA, making them swim as they would naturally in the vaginal tract.

When is the FERTILE Chip recommended?

As mentioned above, the FERTILE® Chip technique that we offer at our clinic in Barcelona is recommended in cases where there is sperm DNA fragmentation. However, its use can be very useful in those cases in which couples have shown a slower than normal embryo kinetics in previous cycles or a situation of repeated miscarriages.

With which treatments can the FERTILE Chip technique be used?

Select the treatment with which to combine this sperm selection technique to increase the chances of success of an IVF process.

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