Polarised light

Polarised light is used to visualise the meiotic spindle and correct the oocyte position before performing the ICSI

It is an optic system integrated in a microscope that allows the observation of the most important structures of the oocyte and avoids damaging it in the micro injection process (ICSI), allowing to increase the fertilisation rate.

These images allow us to better see the maturity stage of each oocyte, which is important for culturing it until it is perfectly mature and to decide the exact moment to perform ICSI.

Furthermore, having the nucleus located avoids accidental punctures during the process of introducing the spermatozoon in the oocyte and thus avoids the risk of damaging the genetic code.

In IVF treatments, polarised light or Polaraide is especially indicated when the patient produces few oocytes. These are the so-called “high value oocytes”.

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